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When it comes to cleaning your roof, this can be a difficult task for homeowners to complete themselves. Even though some homeowners attempt to pressure wash their roof to save money, this task is recommended to leave to the professionals as it can be dangerous and cause irreversible damage to your roof. Don’t take the risk of harming your roof or hurting yourself in the process, let us handle this task for you. At Gehring Softwash, we provide a convenient roof cleaning service at an affordable price. 

At Gehring Softwash, we are an insured and licensed roof cleaning company that can eliminate dirt, debris, and organic materials. The organic materials include; mold, mildew, lichen, algae, moss, and pollen. When you don’t regularly clean your roof and rid it of these materials, you risk your roof rotting. Once your roof begins to rot, you will likely have an infestation of pests, bugs, and critters. This is because they are not only attracted to rot, but rot makes it a lot easier to chew through your roof.

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Routine cleanings eliminate these risks and save you money on expensive repair or even replacement costs. Routine pressure washing services will also keep your roof healthy, clean, and in good standing. They will also ensure that you don’t miss any issues with your roof. When your roof is covered in organic materials and dirt, it can be challenging to see issues that need to be repaired. Regular cleanings will ensure that small problems don’t turn into bigger issues due to being overlooked. It’s important to catch these issues sooner rather than later to keep your roof in good standing, that way it can continue to protect your family from the outdoor elements. With our team, you no longer need to find Silverton roof cleaning near me, as we provide the best roof cleaning Silverton, OR has to offer.

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Pressure cleaning your roof routinely can reduce the amount of energy that you use. When your roof is dirty, it can not only impact how your house works, but it can lead to future repair costs. Another advantage of power washing your roof is that it can help increase the value of your home. If you’re looking to sell your home, getting it pressure-washed before you put it on the market is recommended. Potential buyers will be more interested in buying a home with a clean roof, as it’s a sign that you took excellent care of your home and property.

When hiring a pressure washing company, they must be well-versed in what technique to use on different surfaces. The soft wash method is a low-water pressure technique that should be used on your roof. This method can safely remove dirt, grime, and organic materials from your roof without causing harm. Using a high-pressure water application on your roof can cause harm to its materials. You no longer need to find a Silverton roof washing near me as we provide the best roof soft washing Silverton, OR has to offer.

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Have you been on the hunt for a roof cleaning service near me? At Gehring Softwash, you can trust that we will provide professional, reliable, affordable, and dependable roof washing services to get your roof back in good standing and keep it well maintained. We will also ensure that this process is an easy one for you, and we will make sure it’s a great customer experience for you. We provide the best roof washing Silverton, OR offers. To learn more regarding our roof washing service, the other pressure washing services we provide, or for a quote, make sure you reach out to our team at Gehring Softwash in Silverton, OR today!

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Grant did a great job providing exceptional quality service on pressure washing our home and deck. He was proactive about educating us on his process and overall work to be completed. I would highly recommend him.

Zach and Liza Skipper

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I used Gehring Softwash last month and I was so impressed with the service provided. Not only was the price reasonable but also the pressure washing job was done well above and beyond my expectations. It was also nice to see such a young man working hard and being responsible with his job to build a reputable business for himself. I would strongly recommend Gehring Softwash to anyone.

Cuckie Rarick

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Gehring Softwash does a professional job. The owner, Grant, is very responsible and he does high quality pressure washing work. He's very committed to his business & his work shows his commitment.

Sharon Clow

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